Bryan Noko

(Founder of Inky Punk and Creator of Analog Farm)

Originally known as “Goulds”, this comic has been a passion project of mine for well over 5 years. Through that time the format of Analog Farm constantly changed, from originally being a comic, to the pilot of an animated tv show, to back to a comic. But one thing that never changed was making it a story about a boy named Mikey and his journey to develop in a world that no longer cannot. Really hope you guys enjoy the first issue, it took roughly around three years to make it happen, and through that time I developed a lot myself and hope to use my experiences making this first issue to make the second one happen a lot sooner. Until then Stay Tuned and never be afraid to Break Through your Shell.


Kenron Toqueen

(Lead Artist of Analog Farm)

The Creator of “Tomatita” and “Nocta”, Chilean based artist Kenron Toqueen is the man responsible for bringing Analog Farm to life. I originally discovered Kenron through an indie comic he was working on a few years back called “Equis”, it was the main inspiration behind the color scheme we used for Analog Farm as well as Mikey’s character design. Kenron is truly a “one man army” being able to do jobs that would have required three other artist on his own for this entire first issue. It was a great experience working with him on this project, and seeing his art develop throughout production. Needless to say, there wouldn’t be an Analog Farm without Kenron Toqueen.